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Fair Dental is a marketplace, not a distributor. A world-class group of manufacturers and distributors compete for your business on Net32’s comparison shopping marketplace. You select the dental products you need from the vendors you prefer and they ship your products directly to you.

Each vendor on Fair Dental has their own free shipping threshold visible on the product detail page under the vendor options section. As you add more products to your cart, you increase your chances of earning free shipping.

House brand is a brand name used so vendors can offer their best deal on the surplus products they have on hand. Though the actual manufacturers may vary, these products always meet the specifications in the product description.

As you shop, Net32 tracks the vendors you're purchasing from in your cart and automatically recommends vendors that will consolidate your order to save on shipping. Make sure to check the free shipping thresholds in your cart and use the "auto-consolidate" feature to save on shipping.